SENEGAL - project "one bed, one mosquito net"

in Guediawaye - Senegal

  “Un lit, un moustiquaire” is a project that wants to protect the population through a programme of education and awareness for the prevention and the treatment of malaria. This project is especially meant for children, pregnant women and families in Wakhinane – Nimzatt area, in the department of Guediawaye, in the suburbs of Dakar – Senegal.


The idea of "Un lit, un moustiquaire" = it is taken from the "Plan quinquennal 2009 - 2013" PADEN II from the Eden School.

Malaria is still one of the biggest health problems in Senegal. 35% of the hospital admissions in Senegal are caused by malaria. Only 16% of the children are sleeping under bed nets.

With this project we want to promote the bed net use, to protect the children and the families.

To achieve this we will make some related actions:

  • lessons at school
  • promoting a committee for prevention of malaria
  • organise the prevention day, to make awareness and distribute mosquito nets
  • provide medicines and medication for people that get malaria

The idea is to make lessons about prevention of malaria for a period of time in the school for the children.

Then we will organise together with the EDEN school "the day of prevention", where more awareness will be made, with a conference, but also with flyers. At this event local food will be cooked and local music will be played. On that day we will distribute mosquito nets to the families (2 or 3 for every family). We have about 600 mosquito nets.

We will also provide medication if somebody gets malaria. For this we have a contact with the hospital nearest the school

We calculated that about 1500 people could benefit from this.

For this project we collected 40% of the money. For the rest we applied to the “Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano”, the district in Italy where “Human Rights International” is located. We are waiting for a reply in July. If it will be accepted we will start immediately with the project.


The main partners of the project are: the organisation “Human Rights International” located in Bolzano, Italy and the “Centre Socio Educatif EDEN”, located in Wakhinane – Nimzatt, Guediawaye –Dakar.


The Educational Centre EDEN opened on October 2005 by the organization Education and development of Child in the district of Wakhinane Nimzatt – Guediawaye.

The mission of this organisation is to work for the promotion and the protection of the human rights in general, but especially the rights of the children.

The objective is to give to the children an education alternative and inclusive quality in an environment favourable to the respect of their rights by an active pedagogy

2009 there are 640 children attending the classes of the EDEN school. There are also dropouts included, orphans, carriers of handicap and workers.


 “Un lit, un moustiquaire” is the first project in Africa for this organisation.

Human Rights International (HRI) is a non-religious, non-political and financially independent humanitarian organisation of human rights supporters. HRI is also a non-profit organization, which works towards its goals through non-violent means. Our motto: reveal, protect and document.

HRI was founded on August 1st 2002 in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy.

Since it’s founding at 01.08.2002 Human Rights International (HRI) operates mainly in the following areas:

  • CONSULTANCY for help seeking people by competent lawyers
  • AWARENESS RAISING of human rights by appeals, speeches and the HRI Human Rights Award, and
  • DEFENSE of victims of human rights violations on trial and other institutions.

 2008 Human Rights International conferred the first "HRI-Award for Human Rights".

The idea of introducing a human rights award arose to protect human rights defenders, who often risk their lives to help the weaker ones. The first time, the prize was conferred in December 2008, presented in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2003 EBADI SHIRIN, to the Iranian lawyer NASRIN SOTOUDEH for her particular use in the defence of human rights of women and minors in Iran.


Dr. Silvia Alfreider: project manager; member of “Human Rights International (HRI)”

Dr. Phil. Mamadou Lamine Sene: local coordinator

Pape Djibi Dia: Local coordinator

Massamba Mbaye: director of the Centre Socio Educatif EDEN

Mayacine Diallo: founder of “Senexperienceplus” London; support in developing the idea

The children of the EDEN school and their families

The teachers of the Eden school