ITALY - Full access to scholarships for non-EU citizens

Human Rights International (HRI) announces with great satisfaction that the appeal of a Canadian citizen who is residing for more than 5 years in South Tyrol, and thus, according to EU standards is a long-term resident, obtained by a civil court against the Tyrolean provincial administration of Bolzano.

The lawsuit, in which she was supported by HRI, the Canadian citizen requested recognition of the right of access to grants for the acquisition of second language abroad (that the provincial administration usually grants) also for non-EU citizens with long-term residence permit.

It is a right that is established for some time by EU directives to those who live in a social environment and work to give them the opportunity to be fully integrated.

The court in its decision has  the opinion that "the lack of equality between the long-term resident non-EU citizens with the EU citizens in the procurement of tenders or grant contracts financed under the Autonomous Province of Bolzano in the field of education and training including school and university scholarships ensures accepting discriminatory nature. " The court notes in its regulation that  the provincial administration has to comply "in the future to the above principle," (RG 379/2009, published on 11 June 2009).

It is now expected that the Autonomous Province of Bolzano adapt the new tendering for the guarantee of financial aid for study abroad for language to that effect, and, revising  the criteria proposed so far that even long-term resident non-EU citizens got the right to have grants.

Order of Regional Court Bolzano/Bozen (italian language)