ITALY - Action against discrimination

Green telephone number against discrimination, day-long accessible:

tel. ++39 0471 402338 and then “7”

This is a series of initiatives (in cooperation with the Langer Foundation, and the associations VOLONTARIUS and OPEN DAYS Bolzano) which will implement concrete ways to assist victims of discrimination and wants to develop an anti-discrimination culture by:

  • offering counseling and legal assistance to victims of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, age, personal beliefs or sexual convictions;
  • offering information and advice in the field of Human Rights and especially the right on equality.

HRI provides this service through its volunteers at its legal domicile in the Streiter No. 4 in Bolzano, mostly on Thursdays (every first Thursday of the month) and by prior appointment under the number +39-0471-324667 (Association of South Tyrol, social associations).