CHINA - HRI congratulates and demands freedom for LIU XIAOBO

Human Rights International (HRI) congratulates LIU XIAOBO for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has shown courage and decided very well. 

Liu Xiaobo, China

Liu Xiaobo was sentenced in December 2009 to 11 years and is currently incarcerated as a political prisoner in his home country the People's Republic of China. In February, 2010 an appeal court enforced the sentence with the following reason "agitation with the aim to bring about the overthrow of the government”. Also the wife of Liu is currently under house arrest and is not allowed to leave the country.
Liu was born on 28 December 1955; he is a writer, assistant professor at the Peking University, and President of Independent Chinese Pen Centre since 2003. He joined the 1989 Tian'anmen square students’ protests. Due to this engagement he lost his job and has been sentenced for two years. In 1996 he spent 3 years in a labor education camp for “re-education through work”. 
On the occasion of the 60-th anniversary of the United Nations Liu Xiaobo together with about 300 civil rights activists drafted the "Charter 08" demanding political reforms in China, more democracy and respect of Human Rights. This charter was publicly announced on 9 December 2008.
Already one day before Liu Xiaobo got under house arrest, was incarcerated 23 June 2009, and finally sentenced to 11 years imprisonment.

HRI like Amnesty International considers Liu Xiaobo to be a non-violent political prisoner who only exercised his democratic right to freedom of expression. This right refers to Article, 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well to Article, 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which has been signed also by the People's Republic of China. The Chinese Government
was in breach of Rule 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of rule 12 (2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights when they opt for the prohibition of the departure for Liu Xiaobo, his wife and all other civil rights campaigners

HRI demands of the government in Peking the immediate release of Liu Xiaobo and supports the petition of Amnesty International:


8 December 2010