Welcome to Human Rights International (HRI)

Membership of HRI is voluntary, is open to all adults and is not bound by any obligations other than the payment of annual membership. The membership expires if two years in succession you did not pay the annual membership (a dismissal is not required), or if you tell us your resignati

What you need to do to become a member?

Send us the completed application for membership. Once you have received positive feedback from HRI, you pay the annual fee of 15.00 euro to our bank account. From this moment on you are a member.

Our bank account

Raiffeisenkasse Meran

Human Rights International

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For reasons of transparency HRI accepts no cash, all flow of money exclusively runs over the bank.

Even corporations, associations, groups, foundations, businesses and public corporations have the opportunity to become members – in the General Assembly they only have one vote.

Court of Justice of the European Union - success for HRI and partners

SENEGAL - project "one bed, one mosquito net"

CHINA - HRI congratulates and demands freedom for LIU XIAOBO

ITALY/EU - Eliminate discrimination with objective criteria of choice

ITALY - Full access to scholarships for non-EU citizens

ITALY - Action against discrimination