HRI - Human Rights International
Centro Per La Cultura
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I - 39012 Merano

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Tax number: 94079830215

Date of foundation: 01.08.2002 in Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

In Italy, HRI is registered as an "ONLUS" charity organization and uses this title to distinguish itself and its activities in its communication and contacts with the public (DL 460/97). Human Rights International is ragistrated by Decret no. 16/1.1. since 04.02.2003 on list of no profit NGO┬┤s in South Tyrol, Italy. ONLUS-registration: 8736 - 08/08/2002

Court of Justice of the European Union - success for HRI and partners

SENEGAL - project "one bed, one mosquito net"

CHINA - HRI congratulates and demands freedom for LIU XIAOBO

ITALY/EU - Eliminate discrimination with objective criteria of choice

ITALY - Full access to scholarships for non-EU citizens

ITALY - Action against discrimination