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Project "Mis Valores" - Ecuador

Nursery centre in the Indian community of Pambamarquito (Canton Cayambe-North Ecuador)

The Autonomous Province of Trento approved a new cooperation project, named «Mis Valores» (my values), that will be realized in the Indian community of Pambamarquito (Canton Cayambe-North Ecuador).
The initiative plan to reopen, reorganize and support a nursery centre, that has been closed by the Ecuadorian Authorities, coinciding with the decision to abolish the institutions with less then 45 children, in order to restrain the public costs.

The project “Mis Valores” aims to protect the education, the health and the safety of thirty children living in a location particularly disadvantaged in the Andes, about 3000 meters above the sea level.

The project has been developed by Human Rights International (based in Italy) and is coordinated and managed by the Non profit organization Pachama Mother Earth of Trento, based in Ecuador. The project manager and contact person of HRI is the board member Alessandro Pallaoro.


Nasrin is free

Solidarity for Nasrin in Norway 2012

  Because of her tireless effort for human rights in Iran, the lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to eleven years in prison and to 20 years disbarment in 2010. Two years before the human rights organization Human Rights International (HRI), Bolzano/Italy, and the Women's Museum in Merano awarded the “HRI-prize for human rights” to her. This was the first international award for Sotoudeh. Since that moment, appeals and public relations called attention to the destiny of Nasrin and other political prisoners in Iran. In 2012 the European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize to her.
  Now she was released earlier. The first thing she wants to do is bringing her son to school. Then she wants to continue her fight for justice.
  Human Rights International (HRI) and the Network of the Women's Museums view the release as positive sign of the new Iranian leadership. 
  HRI is glad about the release of Nasrin Sotoudeh and 14 further political prisoners and appeal to president Hassan Ruhani to keep his campaign promise to release all political prisoners.

ECUADOR 2011/2012 - Mother Earth, source of life and hope.

Greenhouse Community (approx 300 sqm) in the Community of Pambamarca (northern Ecuador - Canton of Cayambe)

  Successful conclusion in Ecuador of the Initiative of Human Rights International (HRI), also funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and carried out in collaboration with the non-profit organization Pachamama Mother Earth of Trento (I), active for years in the field of education and agriculture, the School C.V. Andrade Pambamarca and the Group of Rural Women W. Sisa. 
  Thanks to the efforts and under the coordination of the project manager, partner and director of HRI Pallaoro Alessandro, were created a vegetable garden (about 3000 sqm) and a greenhouse Community (approx 300 sqm) in the Community of Pambamarca (northern Ecuador - Canton of Cayambe), in order to contribute to the improvements of the difficult food situation of the indian Community Pambamarca.
  The project aimed also for the awareness of young people and primary school teachers regarding the importance of proper nutrition and an eco-sustainable development.
  On December 14, 2012 in presence of the local authorities, the realized garden and greenhouses, were handed over by HRI to be managed in future from the School C. V. Andrade.


ECUADOR - Concluyó con éxito en Ecuador la iniciativa de Human Rights International (HRI), también financiada por la Provincia Autónoma de Bolzano y llevada a cabo en colaboración con la organización no gubernamental Pachamama Madre Terra de Trento (I), activa desde hace años en el campo de la educación y la agricultura, la Escuela CV Andrade Pambamarca y el Grupo de Mujeres W. Sisa Rural. Gracias al esfuerzo y bajo la coordinación del director del proyecto, socio y director de HRI Pallaoro Alessandro, se creó una huerta de hortalizas (alrededor de 3000 metros cuadrados) e invernaderos (aprox. 300 m²) en la Comunidad de Pambamarca (norte de Ecuador - Cantón de Cayambe), con el fin de contribuir a la mejora de la difícil situación alimentaria de la Comunidad indigena de Pambamarca. El proyecto también tenía por objeto la sensibilización de los jóvenes y los maestros de escuela primaria sobre la importancia de una nutrición adecuada y un desarrollo eco-sostenible. El jardín y los invernaderos que se realizaron fueron entregados por HRI bajo la gestión de la Escuela CV Andrade el 14 de diciembre de 2012 en presencia de las autoridades locales.

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